Kif ħaffer l-art

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Digging the garden has pros and cons, so it's good to do it but in moderation. Let's see how to proceed to dig the ground correctly. The article How to…

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How to sow spinach

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To sow spinach correctly, and therefore have a good harvest, several factors must be considered. Let's see them together. The article How to sow spinach seems to be the first…

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The lunar calendar for February 2023

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Let's take a look at the lunar calendar for the month of February and try to understand what jobs to do in the vegetable garden, orchard and garden. The article…

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Laburnum (Laburnum anagyroides)

The laburnum is a perfect ornamental plant to be grown in pots, but also to decorate avenues and form hedges. Let's get to know her. The article Laburnum (Laburnum anagyroides)…

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Żbir tal-pistaċċi

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How to properly prune pistachios, in order to make the plant more resistant, healthier and more productive. The article Pistachio pruning seems to be the first on Organic Cultivation.

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Kif tiddiżinfetta l-feriti taż-żbir tas-siġar

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Il-feriti taż-żbir tas-siġar huma kanali għal infestazzjoni ta 'mard jew pesti. Hawn kif tiddiżinfettahom u tipproteġi s-siġra. L-artiklu Kif tiddiżinfetta l-feriti taż-żbir tas-siġar jidher li huwa...

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